Get Involved

TRAC’s current project is to sponsor a refugee family through Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). In order to reach this goal, we aim to raise $34,000. This money will cover costs of living for a 12-month sponsorship period. Monetary donations can be made directly through the MCC Registry TRAC profile, found here. If you would like more information on MCC Sponsorship Requirements and where funds are distributed, visit or contact us directly.

During the phase of resettlement and sponsorship, we will also welcome donations of services and in-kind goods. If you wish to get involved this way or inquire about other possibilities, please contact us directly here.

As a volunteer not-for-profit campaign, there are inevitable operational costs. If you would like to support the functional aspect of TRAC, please contact us directly here. Donations made to TRAC Management will be used strictly for necessary operational costs (eg. website and advertising, event, and basic operational costs). Because TRAC is a strictly volunteer organization, no percentage of donated funds will be allocated to members of TRAC. All excess funds will be put towards current projects (Refugee Family Sponsorship).

We are so thankful for your interest and support in Trinity Refugee Awareness Campaign and we look forward to partnering with our community in refugee sponsorship and resettlement.