Get Involved: Locally

One of TRAC’s goals is to provide ways for the TWU and surrounding community to get involved with local groups and organizations working with refugees in different capacities. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a refugee child, fill out the application here! Here are some of the groups we have partnered with in our area:

Middle East Friendship Center (MEFC)


The MEFC is a volunteer run organization in Surrey, BC. They tirelessly provide services and support to refugees and families. Some of these services include ESL classes, community dinners, counselling and friendship, housewares and furniture, transportation, driver’s education, music lessons, a library, help with paperwork and documents, and many other aspects of life. TRAC is partnering with the MEFC to provide volunteer support. Internships are also available with the MEFC through TWU. Additionally, the MEFC accept donations of housewares, furniture, etc. The founders of the center are dedicated, compassionate, welcoming, and would love support in their work. The Center works with over 1000 families in Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, and the surrounding area.

Kinbrace: Refugee Housing and Support


Kinbrace works with asylum seekers arriving in Canada to provide housing, transition support, and community. Kinbrace is based in East Vancouver, but as housing gets more expensive and in higher demand, families are needing to move further out of the city. TRAC hopes to provide Kinbrace with services and connections in the Langley and TWU community.  Many opportunities are available for providing services, friendship, and support to refugee families.



PuCKS is a program in Langley dedicated to promoting community and activities for children who are recently resettled in Canada or financially in-need. TRAC hopes to provide PuCKS with volunteer support in their sport and tutoring programs.

Local Church Sponsorship Groups

 TRAC hopes to support many of the local church groups acting as sponsorship groups. There are opportunities for ESL teachers and tutors, as well as friendship/mentorship positions.

Family Support Volunteer Application

Family Support volunteers will work alongside TRAC members and volunteers to create a well-rounded community network, providing continual and accessible holistic support for a sponsored refugee family. Family Support volunteers should be a TWU affiliated (alumni, family, faculty, staff, or other) family, couple, or individual based in the Langley, BC area. Family Support volunteers must be able to commit to a 12-month sponsorship duration. Family Support volunteers should be relational, accessible, and willing to support a TRAC sponsored family. As a student-led initiative, at various periods during the sponsorship year, the student body and TRAC team may be unavailable, due to scheduled summer breaks, exam weeks, etc. In these cases, the Family Support volunteers must be able to take charge of sponsorship responsibilities. This positon involves investing in the emotional, relational, and daily living needs of a sponsored refugee family.

Click here to fill out an application!

If you’d like any more information about these partner groups, please contact us here! Applications for all positions are available through TRAC, and positions are also open to your inspiration, interests, and skills! Let us know where you would like to get involved and we’ll work with you to make it happen!

 One of TRAC’s main goals is to involve everyone in refugee settlement by supporting established and experienced groups. So, we’re still working diligently to make new connections with more organizations, agencies, and sponsorship groups in our area. Keep checking in as new volunteer opportunities open up in the future!

 Additionally, if you and your group/organization would like to partner with TRAC and receive support and services, please contact us here! We’d love to discuss how TRAC and our community can help.