The Values

Trinity Refugee Awareness Campaign Values

Trinity Refugee Awareness Campaign (TRAC) is a student-led initiative that seeks to respond to the global refugee crisis. Our desire to take action is founded upon the recognition of our responsibility as global citizens as well as our shared Christian faith. We recognize that the blessings that we have are not our own, and due to the value of every human life, we seek to enrich the lives of those suffering. We seek to do this with hearts of humility, recognizing the opportunity to mutually impact each others lives. We believe that the TWU community, united in an effort to support this cause, can make a tangible difference in the lives of a refugee family.

TRAC does not promote any particular political view or affiliation. Any source of media shared by TRAC does not express the political views of TRAC, instead, it is shared with the sole purpose of raising awareness about the refugee crisis and the challenges surrounding it.

Core Values
  1. Each human life is inherently valuable.
  2. The blessings that we receive are multiplied when we extend them to those suffering.
  3. Engaging in a relationship with a family of a different culture provides the opportunity for both parties to enrich each other’s lives.
  4. Societies become richer when people of different cultures and backgrounds are accepted with open arms.
  5. The refugee crisis is a catastrophic event but there is a genuine hope to make a difference. Because of this hope, and potential for change, we are obligated to act.